Even though my husband and I have a hit record on the charts I file for a divorce because he cheated on me. I just had to get a way from the rat race. I head up to the San Bernardino National Forest where the 7,000-ft mountains were a perfect place to cleanse my soul. I began my spirit journey. My wings were broken and I had to find out how to fly once again.

I meet Laughing Bear a Native American Medicine Man who teaches me healing prayers and how to use crystals to manifest energy beyond thought.

I heard that Norman also went through a divorce. I call him. We are Soul mates that fate has brought together once again. We get married and we spend our honeymoon by the Colorado River deep in the Grand Canyon. A Hopi Medicine Man blesses us and gave me the name of Brightwater.



Claire also writes a "Zen Advice Column"© called You Yearned It © -The Art Of Manifesting Your Dreams© which currently appears in The Forest Hills Celebrity & Entertainment Magazine.

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