Claire Francis Discography  

 Compiled by Eddy Smit


Marva Josie  
I Love New York (Herbie Hancock-Claire Francis) (United Artists 888, 1965) 
Arranged and Conducted by Horace Ott. Produced by Norman Blagman. 
Mikki Young 
Who Killed Teddy Bear (Kasha-Gaudio) / Some Someday (Richard Hill-Claire Francis) - Polydor 56048  (1966) 
Musical director John Hawkins, Produced by Richard Hill & Claire Francis 
Vonny Berger 
The world through a tear (Allen-Allen-Everitt) / I need your hand in mine (Scott) - Polydor BM 56049 (1966) 
Musical director Johnny Hawkins, Produced by Claire Francis & Richard Hill 
Mikki Young 
The Day He Came My Way (Richard Hill-Johnny Hawkins-Claire Francis) / I Can't Hide My Love (Minas) - Polydor 56058 (1965) 
Musical Director Johnny Hawkins, Produced by Claire Francis and Richard Hill 
John Bull Breed 
Can't Chance A Breakup (Turner) / I'm A Man (McDaniels) - Polydor BM 56065 (1966) 
Produced by Claire Francis 
Love me right now / Your friend (Wilde) - Polydor BM 56066 (1966 - promo only 45) 
Produced by Claire Francis 
Two's Company 
Now That I Love You (May) / As Before (Rees-Turner) - Polydor 56072 (1966) 
Produced by Claire Francis 
La Mer (Charles Trenet) / Stormy Weather (Arlen-Toehler) - Polydor 56078 (1966) 
Musical Director Johnny Hawkins, Produced by Claire Francis and Richard Hill 
Claire Francis 
I've Got My Own Thing Going (Eddie Reeves)/ Here I Go Again (May) - Polydor 56079 (1966)  
Produced by Claire Francis, B-side arranged & conducted by Nicky Welsh 
Info1 -  Info2 
Two lovers / Ain't that good news - Polydor 56108 (1966) 
Produced by Claire Francis, Arranged by Alan Tew and Nobby Clark 
Dave Rich 
I Just Wanna Dance (Claire Francis-Dave Rich) / The Last Two People On Earth  (Kooper-Brass-Levine) - Polydor 56113 (1966)  
Produced by Claire Francis, Musical direction by Nicky Welsh 
It's only the dog (Artie Wayne-Hugh McCracken)  / Your friend (Wilde) - Polydor 56116 (1966) 
Produced by Claire Francis and Claire on backing vocals 
A-side is included on Various Artists' samplers "Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks Vol 1" and "Vol 3
Both sides are included on the Idle Race CD "Back to the story
Info1 Info2 
The Youth  
As long as there is love (Robinson) / Your one and only man (Redding) - Polydor 56121 (1966) 
Arranged by Alan Tew, Produced by Claire Francis 
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Bad news feeling (Paul Simon) / What can I do (Doug Martin-Lothian) - Alp 595011 (1966) 
Produced by Claire Francis 
Info1,  Info2 
Sonny Childe 
Heartbreak (Sonny Childe) / I still love you (Sonny Childe) - Polydor 56141 (1967) 
Arranged by Sonny Childe, Produced by Claire Francis 
Claire Francis 
But I don't care (Claire Francis) / If You Don't Know (Claire Francis-Richard Hill)  - Polydor BM 56142 (1967) 
Produced by Claire Francis, Musical director Allan Caddy 
Sonny Childe 
To Be Cont'd (LP) Polydor 582 003 (1966) 
Chain gang, It's got the whole world shakin', Meet me at Mary's place, Twistin' the night away, Ain't that good news, You send me, A change is gonna come, Two lovers, Swing low sweet chariot, Another Saturday night, Tennessee waltz, Shake 
Produced by Claire Francis, Arranged by Alan Tew and Nobby Clark 
Unreleased & Unknown 
Arthur Brown 
Circa 1965/1966 Claire produced a number of tracks for Arthur Brown, which remain unreleased to this very day. With the only copy of the tape believed to be in the Polydor vaults, Arthur Brown remembers... 
We did a version of Mr.Pitiful. I think we did a version of a track written by, I think, myself and Paul Leggeter titled The Urge. I believe also we did Turn On your Lovelight by Bobby Bland.  
Maybes : Treat Her Right - the Roy Head tune, Midnight Hour, proably the instrumental Twine-time and Help Me (Sonny Boy Williamson)  
BMI lists several additional songs (co-)written by Claire. Any further info welcomed ! 
All Your Sweet Lovin' (Luchi De Jesus-Claire Francis) 
Cut Off [aka Cutt Off] (Claire Francis) 
Everytime You Go Away (Claire Francis) 
Goin' Home (Claire Francis)  
It Seems Like Only Yesterday (Claire Francis) 
Look Out (Claire Francis) 
Mary Lee (Frank Cameron-Claire Francis-Wayne Mills) 
San Antone (Claire Francis) 
Slow Down (Claire Francis) 
Take Him Tomorrow (Claire Francis-Howard Morris-Barry Stitchworthy) 
Trying (Claire Francis) 

When Joey Kisses (Claire Francis-Marva Josie-Jo Krueger) 

Special thanks to Mick Patrick, Phil Chapman, Martin Roberts, Scott Swanson