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"It is almost midnight on August 22 1942, in Brooklyn, New York. It is not a very good time; the earth is filled with war and killing and insanity.  People by the millions are dying.  But why not me?

I am being born today.  What is the reason that God has chosen to give me life on the same day when so many are being taken?

The voices of those who have come and gone before me whisper, and above all the noise around me, I can still hear them, talking inside me saying: "This one is special, she will have wings, and when she learns to fly she will bring love and light.

The power of their words begin to propel me into the world."

Excerpt from
"A Song For Every Journey"
by Claire Francis Brightwater ©1981-2007

All rights reserved. This text cannot be reprinted or copied without the sole permission from the author.  

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